8 Tips to Keep Your Vagina Healthy This Summer

woman in beach

During the hot summer months staying healthy is more important than ever. And that includes keeping all parts of your body happy and healthy, including your vagina. The hot weather could cause women to sweat more. And all of that sweat can increase your chances of getting an infection.

If you would like to avoid getting some kind of infection inside of your vagina, then these tips are for you! You have got to be more careful during the summer because your vagina is at more risk. And it can be easy to not just care about how your vagina is, especially since, during hot summer nights, sex is on a lot of people’s minds. Summer flings can be the best kind of romance that you can experience. But not enough care during those summer flings can cause you a lot of problems in relation to your private parts.

You have got to be more careful whenever you have sex anytime during summer. And there are a lot of summer places that you can have sex at, such as the beach or even the pool. Aside from sex, there are also a bunch of general care tips that you have got to be aware of in relation to keeping your vagina happy and clean. So without further ado, here are a few health tips that you definitely have got to follow.

1. Stay Hydrated!

The summer heat causes a lot of people to sweat out and lose water. When you are sweating a lot, you have got to drink more water! Staying hydrated keeps the rest of your body healthy and working properly, during the summer months, including your lady bits.

2. Be Careful on The Beach

Summer is the month when a lot of people flock to the beach. And if you are going to be going to the beach and wearing a bikini, make sure that sand does not get into your vajayjay. This is because sand could cause your lady bits to itch like there is no tomorrow. And you may even find yourself getting an infection down there as well when you get sand up your vagina. In the same sense, if you plan on having sex on the beach, be very careful. If you have sex on the beach you are going to increase the chances that sand will get into your private parts.

3. Avoid Sex in The Hot Tub

Pools and hot tubs are going to be frequent places that people will congregate to this summer. And if you want to get frisky in either a pool or a hot tub, then you may want to rethink that. A pool may be sterile because of all the chemicals that it has, but it is those same chemicals that can cause your vagina to become irritated. The hot tub, which is warm, is also a breeding ground for bacteria. And when you have sex inside of it, you could become infected!

4. Be Wary of New Smells

smellAny kind of smell that is coming from your vagina is pretty normal. However, if you notice any kind of new pungent smell that is coming from your private area, you should be wary of it. A new smell in your downstairs area could be a sign that there is something bad going on. And a smell paired with any kind of sensation such as itching is definitely a sign that there is an infection going on in your girl parts. If you notice any kind of new weird smell down there, then it may be time to visit the doctor. Or at the very least time to be a bit more thorough when you clean your woman parts.

5. Tight Pants And Underwear

During the summer wearing tight skinny jeans and form-fitting underwear should be avoided. This is because those kinds of clothes tend to leave your skin feeling constricted and hot. And of course, heat, especially in your downstairs area, could cause you to become a bit sweatier. And more sweat always means a higher rate of infection.

6. Cotton Undergarments Are Ideal

Switch out synthetic materials and use cotton panties instead. Cotton is a lighter material that is going to allow your skin to breathe easier. Thus you can actually keep your vagina feeling nice and cool, without smothering it with a hot synthetic material.

7. Wash Your Private Area After Sex

It may be tempting to fall asleep right away after you have done the deed, but you should try to get up and wash your vagina even a little bit after sex. There is a higher chance of infection if you do not wash your private parts after engaging in any kind of sexual activity. Just remember to clean your private parts with some mild soap.

8. Try Sleeping Naked

woman sleeping

Sleeping naked at night can give your body the air that it needs. Throughout the day you are probably wearing clothes that are smothering your private parts. So to give some more of your private parts a little more air to breathe, sleeping naked can be a great idea. And it also feels refreshing and cool, especially during the summer.

So there you have it, these tips are what you should be following if you want to keep your private parts clean and healthy during these hot summer months. It may be tempting to just let wild and run loose during these summer months. But you should be careful about how you treat your body. Your genitals are very sensitive, and there is a higher risk of getting an infection in your vagina these summer months. This is because the heat could cause you to sweat more, thus increasing the amount of bacterium that is on your skin. So summer should be the time where you are most vigilant about keeping your body nice and healthy. After all, an infection in your vaginal tract is really irritating. It can itch a lot and really cramp your style these summer months. It is better to be careful and not have to suffer anything during the whole summer. You are going to have much more fun this summer especially if you take care of your private parts!