All You Need To Know About the Vagina Nail Art Trend

Lady showing beautiful nailsHave you ever tried to pull off a home manicure? It might be as simple as painting your nails and drawing a straight line on your nails. This is nothing in comparison to what has been trending on various social media platforms.

Nail art has been trending on various social media platforms. The reason behind their trend is the basis of the nail art. These nails are based on the vagina. They aim at focusing on the beauty of the female body. They aim at spreading positivity about the female body while reducing the stigma placed on the vulva. Asa Bree, an extraordinary nail art fanatic from Portland, Oregano, is responsible for this nail art trend. She owns a nail salon known as “Finger Bang.” She made the first ever vagina nail art that took social media platforms by storm.

Vagina fingernail art

The 3D design of the vulva on the nails came into existence because of a feminist workshop that was to take place. The nails were supposed to act as a form of feministic inspiration for her good friend and client called T. Ngu. T. Ngu had a feminist occasion that she used to spread body image positivity through her vulva inspired nail art. It took about two hours for the duo to come up with the first vagina nail art piece. Asa had to consult and put a lot of consideration and attention to the project.

Asa collaborated with a fellow artist who is accredited for the existence of “The Post- Structuralist Vulva Coloring Book”. These nails looked completely realistic. They had a pink gel design that resembled the physical structure of the vulva. They also had a pearl. Once the iconic nail art went viral, Asa was met with various comments on her work, both negative and positive.

graceful dancing woman

Some people thought it was a good idea and praised her for her skill and feminist approach to nail art, while other flooded her social media platform with misogynistic comments. These misogynistic comments brought out what she was trying to portray with their art.

The female anatomy is met with so much negativity and backlash. It is considered shameful and controversial. Asa sought to send the following messages to her clients to the rest of the world:

  • End misogyny – The negative backlash she received from various social media platforms on her art said it all. Most people tend to shun the female body, including the sex organs from which we owe our existence to. This brews hatred of the sexes and causes issues such as rape, plastic surgery, and body shaming. Asa created this art with the aim of creating a feminist based society since feminism deals with the equality of the sexes.
  • Spread the love on body positivity – Immediately females are born, they are told to cover up. They are led to believe that their bodies are shameful and that if anything happens to them because of body exposure, then they are liable. This approach should be shunned. Men and women should be helped to understand the science and beauty of the female genitalia. It brings forth life and creates pleasure at the same time. The vulva should be worshipped. They send the same message that Chimamanda Adichie’s TED talk did. She praised the female body and talked about looking for better ways to teach the society on the beauty of the female body, instead of shunning it. Chimamanda Adichie is a famous African feminist who prides herself in reducing body shaming and teaching the male species in the society on better and more respectable ways to approach and interact with females.woman hand on ear
  • Humor – She wanted to create humor. The entire idea of walking around with a vulva as art on your nails is completely hilarious, for those of us who have a strong sense of humor. Most women opt for bold colors and common 3D images for nail art. Choosing to have a vulva on your nail brings out a humorous outlook on nail art and changes the client’s approach to life. If the 3D vulva nail approach is not for you, then you could opt for a more subtle option such as a drawing of the vulva.
  • Marketing – It is evident that Asa wanted to spread the word about the artful nail art skills. She put her name on the map by making this art viral. She increased her clientele base and expanded her nail art ideas. People gave contacted her with more explicit nail art ideas.
  • Create awareness – It is quite evident that society shuns the female body. Thus, Asa wanted more people to realize the impact of their negative approach toward the female body. She wanted to create a dialogue forum that addressed the issue on normalizing the human anatomy.
  • A teaching moment – It is essential that you note that, this art is exclusive to vulvas rather than vaginas. This is because, on first sight, the vulva is the exterior part of the female genitalia. Most men have no idea on how to differentiate between a vagina and vulva. This nail art acts as a teaching moment for both men and women. In addition to this, it brings about the aspect of gender identity. Some women have a fully functional female genitalia yet they still o not identify as “women.” There are very many approaches to feminism, and such people are included in the discussion.

hand and foot beautiful nail

People approached this vagina art decision with numerous hashtags on social media platforms. The most common ones were #VulvaNails #VaginaNails #VajayjayNailArt. Each vulva art is more detailed than the next. Some touch on pop art, abstract, and even more graphic details on nail art. These controversial nails spark a lot of reactions and conversation on the female genitalia and other underlying issues. It is quite possible that very few women have the guts to wear these nails proudly. Are you one of the few?