Are Feminine Wipes Safe For Your Intimate Area?

One of the sanitary products that have been sold specifically to women has been the feminine wipes. These cleaning products for women promise a cleaner body that would lead to fewer infections. It is to be used as a kind of sanitary wipe that is used to clean the interior of the vagina. Most manufacturers of these kinds of tissues actually encourage women to use them every day. And they would even advocate the use of these kinds of products to be used right after sexual intercourse. The companies behind these feminine tissues all promise that the rate of infection would go down, because of having a cleaner intimate area.

Evidence Against Feminine Wipes

Recent studies that have been conducted by doctors andwipes health organizations have actually shown that feminine wipes do not actually significantly lower the rate amongst the women that use them regularly. These vaginal pads and products do not show a significant change in the rate of infection among the ladies that do end up using them right after intercourse or even every day. Women, who use sanitary products for their privates have the same UTI and infection rates as women who do not use the same kinds of tissues that they do. And there is even evidence that shows that women who do end up using these specific kinds of feminine sanitary products are at a higher risk than women who do not use these kinds of tissues.

More Risks Involved

Many doctors are actually cautioning against the use of sanitary wipes for the vagina. This is because these kinds of sanitary products do more than just kill off the bad bacteria in your body, they could also kill off the helpful micro-organisms that keep the bad bacteria in check. So you are indiscriminately killing off all of the micro-organisms in your lady-bits if you use a sanitary product. And most of these micro-organisms actually create some balance in the system of your intimates. You are actually putting yourself at more risk because you are killing off the good micro-organisms in your body as well.

Another reason why there is more risk to using sanitary tissues for your body is that you are selectively killing off the weak bacteria. The stronger bacteria that are not killed off by the chemicals in the cleansing product are going to thrive. And over time, those more chemical-resistant bacteria are going to multiply and go out of control. And they could cause even more dangerous infections in your private parts!

The Vagina Takes Care of Itself

The vagina itself is actually pretty good at keeping itself clean. The body is good at keeping a balance of bacteria and micro-organisms in your body. And as long as you are a healthy person, your body’s own immune system is pretty good at keeping your health in check. For most women, the use of a sanitary wipe for their lady-bits is rather unneeded. And there has been a lot of evidence that has shown that the use of these cleaning products in your body is actually putting you at more risk. If you are someone, who wants to lower their chances of getting some kind of infection, then using some kind of feminine wipe would hardly make a difference at all.

What To Do?

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You may be asking yourself, what should you be doing to prevent future infections in your body? Since using some kind of sanitary wipe for your vagina obviously is not your best option, there are several other steps that you can take, to reduce the chances that you are going to get some kind of infection.

As long as you clean the outside of your body properly, there should be no need to use a tissue or a douche of any kind. Just make sure that your vulva and the other exterior parts of your genitalia are properly cleaned regularly. And you have also have got to rinse the outside of your vagina, especially if you have just had some kind of penetrative sex. When you take a shower during the morning, you could easily take that time to clean your private region along with the rest of your body. And after you have cleaned your body and rinse it out thoroughly, you have also got to dry it properly. This is because any moisture that is left behind can be a place for bacteria to breed.


Most women are fine in not using feminine wipes. Those kinds of tissues are not inherently harmful by themselves. As long as the products that you are using have got a balance Ph level, and the chemicals that they are made up of are not too harsh, there should be no problem at all using sanitary products for your genitalia. However, you have also got to be careful about using these sanitary napkins, as you may be putting yourself and your genitalia at more risk when you do overuse them.