Are Vaginal Tightening Creams Safe To Use in Your Vagina?

A vagina may become loose due to natural occurrences such as rough sex, too much sex, age, and childbirth. As a result, women may feel that sex with their partner can be boring. They may experience an emotional turmoil which is why most of them seek vaginal tightening creams for help.

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Are Vaginal Tightening Creams Safe to Use in your Vagina?

Well, vagina tightening creams are mostly made from herbs which is why most people believe they are safe on their vagina. The market today is full of products posing in the name of vaginal tightening creams. It’s the reason why it is recommended that you check if the creams have the official medical approval symbol before use.

And the best product that we recommend to use that is safe and effective is the V-Tight gel and cream. It has the most effective ingredients in the world and all of them are natural too. It also happens to be one of the most popular products to date.


The approved vaginal tightening creams have numerous benefits.

  • They can successfully tighten the vagina- Despite the loss of shape; most people have turned the clock and restored their elasticity.
  • Natural Lubrication- You should not worry about the dryness and pain in the vagina as the creams offer lubrication.
  • Stimulates your sexual response- Both partners will enjoy mainly because they are flavored.
  • Instant results- Within 15 minutes of applying, you will notice the tightening sensation.


On the other side, the creams can harm women’s vaginal health. The side effects may be caused by the chemical contents in the creams.

The oil-based vaginal creams may trap harmful bacteria and may result in bacterial infections. One of the most common infections caused by bacteria in the vagina is yeast vaginitis which causes itching, pain, and a creamy discharge. However, the water-based lubricants do not trap the bacteria and are easy to clean as well.

If the creams are improperly applied, it may damage the mucosa because the creams contain Manjakani. The herbal ingredient has been found to contain an astringent property that could destroy the mucosa of the vagina. Mucosa is important in maintaining the PH of the vagina. If the PH is affected, the vagina may be susceptible to infections.


They may cause skin irritation, rosacea, contact dermatitis and can play a greater role in causing breast cancer due to mimic synthetic estrogen that plays a role in breast cancer onset.

How to deal with the risk

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To be sure that the cream is safe for your vagina, you may try applying the cream on the dorsal surface of your hand and see whether it will cause redness, itching or any allergic reaction. You should use the recommended dose. If there is no adverse effect like an allergic reaction, then you can proceed. Additionally, you should always be informed on how to use before even attempting to use any vaginal cream.


The Verdict

High quality and approved vagina tightening creams are safe for every woman. However, women with menstrual periods or with an infection are advised to avoid using them. The herbs used to make the creams can be of great help to your sexual health. Most of them are made naturally which is why they can improve your life.

However, if one experiences the above side effects, she should stop the use of the product and seek medical help immediately. There is a rumor circulating that if the penis comes into contact with the cream, it will shrink, it’s a lie, they are safe.

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