How Does One Get A Loose or Flappy Vagina?


The vagina should be well-maintained so that the woman can derive pleasure during sexual intercourse. If sexual intercourse is not leading to the pleasure of both parties involved, then there is a problem. One of the most commonly reportedly issue for failed relationships and marriages is a bad sex life with their partner. This issue most often comes from the side of the women, and that thing is called “vaginal looseness”.

One problem women face at one time, or another is a loose vagina. So this is not an uncommon issue for ladies these days as there could be many different reasons for it so don’t fret. Vaginal looseness is a natural occurrence because that is our body adapting to the changes that are happening to it during childbirth, trauma, old age, and a bunch of other things.

Do not be afraid as we have the answers to all the questions that you might be having at this moment. Some factors can cause a vulva to lose its firmness. They include the following:

What are the Causes of a Loose Vagina?

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So, here are the most common reasons for this condition:

  • Pregnancy
  • Aging
  • Bad health habits
  • Genetics

When having a regular delivery, the child comes out through the vagina.

During this process, the vaginal muscles are stretched beyond their limits leading to loss of elasticity. This can be one cause of a flappy vulva. However, the vagina heals, and it achieves some elasticity after several months. So many adult ladies are experiencing a stretched vaginal entrance after their baby is born and that is completely natural, it is only reasonable to think that it will return to its old size, but sadly it won’t be enough as it used to. It will shrink in time, but not a hundred percent guarantee that it will be as good as before. This is probably one of the top fears that women have after pregnancy.

This isn’t anything new as many women have gone through this ordeal and it hasn’t made them any less happy. But for the women that are wanting a change and looking for a solution for their loosened lady-bits, there are a few ways to get their bodies tighter with just a few applications of creams/gels along with natural remedies that include diets and exercises.

This process may take some time, but it has worked so many times that it is a guaranteed solution already. Say no more to your old body and say hello to your young one!

Is Aging the Main Cause of Looseness?

Nobody remains young forever. Aging frequently causes the skin and muscles to lose their firmness and strength leading to a flappy vulva. This is not an uncommon occurrence though as it is happening to all women, although not everyone is as open about it as some but with the internet helping with anonymity when asking about these questions. The issue has become a worldwide sensation of some sort as more and more women want the treatment to their looseness.

Also, sedentary lifestyles have been a huge issue as well. Women who lead sedentary lifestyles tend to have a flappy cervix compared to those women who are engaged in the regular physical activity. Basically, what it means is that vaginas become loose when you do not take care of your body. It has muscles in that area that contribute to its tightness so do not gloss over the importance of having a good lifestyle to your body’s youth. Remember the saying that “your body is your own temple”? That applies to this particular situation, whatever you do to your body, it will eventually show. It is only a matter of time.

Insertion of sex toy has been one of the most popular reasons why ladies get the problem in the first place. Some things aren’t natural for the vaginal muscles to do and this is one of them. Women who insert sex toys into their private parts tend to have a loose cervix or vaginitis is because those sex toys typically damage their cervical firmness.

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What Will Happen if my Vagina is Loose?

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Men love to have sex with women that know how to keep their vaginas tight than those with a lose fanny. This is the reason people tend to be attracted towards younger girls.

This can be very humiliating especially to the woman who knows that her body is lose. This can make women with loose vaginal walls suffer from low self-esteem.

Men will consequently suffer from low libido problems when they know that their wives have a lose vulva and that brings down the level of sexual satisfaction leading to problems in a relationship. Healthy sexual life is very fundamental for a happy and long-lasting relationship.

4 Signs That You Have a Loose or Flappy Vagina

In case you suspect that you have a flappy vagina, you should check out for the following:

1. Difficulty in Achieving Orgasm

One of the ultimate goals of having sex is to achieve an orgasm. If you were sleeping with your partner and you are experiencing difficulty in achieving orgasm, then you have a loose vagina. Women with tighter vaginas tend to experience the higher number of orgasms compared to women who have looser private parts.

This can be helped by doing natural exercises specifically made for women; these workouts target the PC muscles which are responsible for the tightness of your vaginal canals. Also, there are natural products out there like the V-Tight gel that can instantly help your with current situation without having any side-effects.

2. Insensitivity with Small Objects

When you are not satisfied by anything that is slithered into your private parts, and you have a difficult time feeling stimulated, chances are your vulva is loose. Women with loose private parts tend to find sexual pleasure by inserting large objects into their vaginas. This means that their partners are less likely to satisfy them sexually. And that leads to ended relationships, it’s something that can easily be prevented and fixed.

This can be a major problem for women as it highly reduces the pleasure that sex can bring to the table. Women should be able to feel pleasure when something is inside them, and the only way to solve this problem is through natural exercises that work your PC muscles. These PC muscles will surely help restore what your body once was and in effect will also substantially improve your sex life with your partner. Once you get into the habit of working on your PC muscles, then you will see the reaps of it in a couple of months. Yes, it does seem like it takes a long time but I guarantee you that these effects are very long-lasting. As long as you’re consistent, then you should keep seeing improvements over time.

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3. Reduced Sexual Pleasure

get back your happiness through your bodyIf you have a loose private area, you’re likely to find out that you are not experiencing sexual pleasure as you used to. You will discover that your partner does not enjoy having sex with you anymore. This may make your husband start cheating with a lady who has a tighter vulva than yours.

This is one of the leading causes of the problem in relationships. When the sexual desire has gone in your long-term relationship, then you’re in for a lot of issues. Men who are dissatisfied in the bedroom tend to find someone else that can give them that satisfaction, the percentages are against women because that’s just how it tends to unfold these days. Sex is an important part of any relationship; it’s the intimacy that can drive the relationship up or down. So, find a solution today for your loose vagina problem and start improving your sex life with your partner again!

4. Difficulty in Gripping your Index Finger

This is another indicator that your vaginal is loose. You can just slide your index finger into your private area and clasp it with the labia by contracting the muscles. If you cannot feel anything, then it is most likely that you have a flappy vulva.

This is one of the worse cases, if you can’t contract your cervical muscles to the point where you can grip your index finger, then you have a serious issue at hand. Do not worry though as it is not too late for you! As we have suggested a million times on our website, doing consistent workouts the right way can easily solve these problems for you. Exercises like Kegels, squats, leg raises are known to be the best ones out there that can help you in the long run. If you want instant results, the V-Tight gel is still the best to have ever done it. By just applying the cream, you can surely expect significant changes in your sex life immediately.

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What Can I Do About It?

surgical operation on a loose vaginaNowadays, women have a lot of options in hand to get a tighter vagina. They include the following:

Vaginal Rejuvenation Surgery.This is one of the options women have available when it comes to vaginal tightening. This option is quite expensive, and therefore only a few can afford it. However, it is the quickest way to get back tightness. Those women willing to spend anything to achieve cervical tightness can pursue this option.

These exercises are generally called Kegels. Doctors highly recommend these exercises to women after childbirth. Also, these exercises are typically recommended to women before menopause to keep their vagina tight and firm. These exercises are easy to perform. Women perform Kegels by squeezing their pelvic muscles. These exercises can be performed anywhere and anytime. This way they can easily manipulate their pelvic muscles during sexual intercourse.

Here’s our Best Solution for Your Loose Vagina

Vaginal tightening creams have surfaced on the market and are showing great results for many women with loose vaginas. They are typically made from natural herbs and make the vagina tighter almost instantly. Their regular use has not only resulted to tighter vaginas but also overcame problems like vaginal dryness and vaginal odor.

What we have found out in our research is that V-Tight gel is the best vaginal tightening product out in the market right now. With natural ingredients only being used in making the product, there are no side-effects from using it. And with only natural ingredients, the gel is surely an efficient way of getting your tightness back to what it was before. If you want to learn more about the product that has helped thousands of women all over the world, then click here to read my V-Tight gel review. And be one of the happy women that have tried and tested it for themselves.

In summary, you should not feel embarrassed if you have a loose vagina. The above techniques can help your vagina to become tighter than before. You should avoid anything that will make your cervix loose. This will make your partner enjoy sex with you and thereby build a long-lasting relationship. When you feel that your fanny is becoming loose, try the treatment techniques mentioned above, and you won’t regret the results.