Does Hygiene Help Improve Your Vaginal Tightness?

female cleanlinessThe vagina is a delicate part of a woman’s body. If it is not taken care of properly, a woman can experience lots of issues like discharge, yeast infections among others. One the most common issues that most women face today is vaginal looseness. A stretched lady bits would not just reduce your sexual sensitivity, but would not allow your partner to achieve a proper orgasm. Of course, a healthy relationship has many components apart from sex. However, we can’t’ deny the fact that sex is an important part of it.

“Does hygiene help firm up your lady-bits?” This is the question we hear from most women, both young and old. The answer is a resounding yes! Maintaining better hygiene can firm up your lady-bits. Better hygiene can not only make you feel firm down in your lady-part, but can also aid in many other ways. Included below are cleanliness essentials that will help firm up your body.


Wash your body daily 

Washing your genitals on a daily basis will improve its firmness. Perform a daily cleaning by cleaning from front to the back and not vice-versa because you might transfer bacteria from your anus to your vagina and cause infections. Please ensure the water isn’t too hot when you use it as it can inflame your skin, causing itching, redness and even peeling. Soap is aggressive for sensitive skin of intimate areas (more info) and so it should be avoided. Either you use plain water or wash the outer part with a soap that won’t cause any form of reaction or discomfort.

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Keep your pubic hair short

Always trim your pubic hair in order to keep your body clean. Whether you opt to shave or wax, always be sure to hydrate the skin prior to the process, and apply coconut oil after shaving to protect your genital from infections and to moisturize the area. Some people prefer olive oil or aloe vera. If you use a shaving stick, use a new one for each shave. The reasons for this are to have an easy shave, and to avoid getting infections from rust. If you prefer shaving sticks, use those that come with moisturizer strips around the blade.


Wear comfortable clothes

Don’t wear pants or clothes that are too tight for prolonged periods. As well as being uncomfortable, they will irritate your labia. They can also reduce air circulation triggering sweat, which puts you at a greater risk of developing infections. It is always recommended that ladies wear breathable cotton underwear. And if you are having your periods, be sure to change your sanitary towels every 5 to 7 hours. Leaving sanitary towels for too long— like all day or night—can result to rashes, bad odor and exposes you to infections.

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Final Verdict:

By following these hygienic rules, you can have the pleasure of having a firmed up lady parts. Refrain from douching as it can disrupt the pH levels of your genital, minimizing its acidity and also setting the stage for many different infections. If your lady-part has an unpleasant smell, visit your physician. Douching will only cover-up the odor temporarily. A more permanent solution is having a better overall cleanliness habits that you can apply every single day.


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