Is Your Boyfriend is Satisfied with Your Sex Lives?

Sex is the way couples express their emotions and feelings towards one another through the connections they get during intercourse. A good sex life amounts to a good relationship and therefore, a healthy, happy, and satisfying marriage.


Experts say that a good way to know that a couple is not doing well and that a relationship or marriage is on the verge of breaking is by observing just how often the couple has sex. The truth is that intercourse is a vital form of communication that couples should pay very close attention to.

Sex might seem like a simple gesture, but it helps to strengthen a couple’s relationship, making how you do it, or rather what kind of satisfaction you get from it, critical.

Men have their way levels or standards of satisfaction that is very different from that of women, and it is usually important for someone to know what his or her partner loves or enjoys most when they are making love. Many ladies ask themselves just how they can know if their men are satisfied with their sex life.

The following are four ways to know that your man is happy with whatever you are doing when it comes to the bedroom.

1. Still passionate

Does he initialize sex as before or is it left up to do so, and if you don’t then he will better stay without it? One sure thing you need to know is men love sex and especially safe sex. This means if your man no longer makes the first move, you should be worried. A man is more satisfied with sex when he doesn’t feel like you are a burden to him and that he is the only person who works to satisfy you while you seem not to care if he has gotten to his peak too! If he is satisfied, he will always want more.


2. How he treats you

You will know if your boyfriend is satisfied with your sex life by how he treats you. Does he do sweet things to you? Is his goal to make you happy? Does he come home early or will he rather spend his free time elsewhere with the boys or at the movies watching live soccer matches? I am not saying that when your boyfriend goes to watch games he is not interested in you, but it’s good to establish if it’s a way to spend more time out of the house or away from you. If your boyfriend treats you well, then he is most likely satisfied with what goes on in the bedroom.

3. His communication

You need to track your communication with your boyfriend and know if it has gone down or it’s still okay. A satisfied man will find the time and talk to his lady. He will show her that he cares primarily by how he reaches out to, particularly regarding bedroom matters.

4. Transparency and openness

A satisfied man will be transparent with his lady in many things going on around him. If there is a girl following him up you may be surprised when he opens it up to you! This is usually a sign that he is getting what he needs from you.