Manjakani Extract: The Most Important Ingredient in this Women’s Product

What is the most important ingredient in V-Tight Gel? Why is Manjakani Extract the most important component in vaginal products? What properties of Manjakani Extract tighten the vagina; boosts a woman’s libido and increases sexual sensation?

These and many others are some of the questions our readers have been asking since January of this year. We have the best possible answers you won’t find anywhere on the internet. Read on to learn more.

What is Manjakani Extract?

Before we answer some of the above questions, let’s first understand what this ingredient is all about.

Manjakani extract is obtained from oak tree species. When wasps sting one of the oak tree species known as Aleppo oak, these insects deposit their larvae on the surface of this tree. The tree components react with the larvae to causes tumor-like abnormalities known as galls. In Indonesia and Malaysia, these swelling growths are known as Manjakani.

The main constituents found in this extract are tannin, ellagic acid, and free gallic acid. Other minor components include β-sitosterol, syringic acid, amentoflavone, iso cryptomeria, hexamethyl ether, methyl betulate, hexagalloyl glucose and methyl oleanate.

manjakani leaves

Why is this ingredient important in V-Tight Gel?

The constituents that we have mentioned above make this component essential in making vaginal tightening gels and pills. Basically, some of the minor constituents in this extract are calcium, carbohydrates, protein, and fiber. All these are important nutrients that improve the health of the vagina. The ingredient also has powerful antioxidant properties which restore the tone and vigor of the vagina.

Last but not least, tannin in this extract produces a unique astringency which brings about the tightening feel of the vagina. The element causes the cells around the vagina to contract which in turn bring about the tightening feel. This is one the reasons why you need to apply a V-Tight Gel before sex. When the vagina is too slippery, this ingredient also causes the cells to dry out a little bit.

How is it administered?

Typically, this constituent can be applied topically or ingested. You can find it in gel form which is considered safe to apply or in pill form. Manjakani in V-Tight Gel is applied topically around the vaginal opening. A small amount of this gel is placed on a clean finger and then squeezed into the vagina.

Is the ingredient effective when taken alone?

This ingredient is effective when you combine with certain exercise programs. When you buy V-Tight Gel, this vaginal tightening gel comes with easy and simple to follow exercise programs. If you use this gel and combine with these exercises as required, you will definitely get good results.

Are there any dangers of using it?

Since V-Tight Gel is applied topically, there are no dangers of applying this component on your vagina. The extract is free from side effects when application guidelines are followed.

What are other components in V-Tight Gel?

Manjakani extract is the main component in V-Tight gel but not the only ingredient. Other minor agents include oak gall extract, witch hazel extract, organic Aloe Vera and vegetable glycerin.