3 Vaginal Workouts That Tighten Your Muscles Easily

a fit woman

It can be an uncomfortable, even embarrassing thing to face, not to mention, admit, for any woman.

Having loose vagina muscles is often mocked within popular culture, and jokes abound plentifully like old age pensioners planting phlegm on the pavement on their way to their grandchildren to complain about generations gone awry. That is where precious and special exercises come into play.

But take no offense, venerable older yet spry readers, a joke is but a joke. And this far-reaching article includes you too in its possible beneficiaries, just as it includes women of all shapes and sizes, young and old and every lifestyle imaginable who are interested in tightening vaginal muscle exercises.

Because contrary to popular beliefs, a loosened vagina is not caused by lots of sexual encounters or indeed the number of inches your partner’s bishop can boast of.

Simply growing older naturally, loosens the skin and guess what, your privates doesn’t get a get-out-of-jail-free card. Menopause can be another factor and so can numerous other instances in your life, notably, childbirth. Even though it has way less importance to giving sexual pleasure than most think, it is sadly undeniable that thoughts like these can be psychologically disheartening and can cause sexual insecurity.

But whatever your reason for coming here, we are glad you did because we’ve lovingly compiled a list of three essential natural physical exercises to strengthen your body that are actually proven to be effective. We will discuss them more in depth but here they are, the three best muscle exercises for your lady-bits:

  • Slow vagina muscle exercises
  • Fast kegel routines
  • Pull-in kegel routines

Now, that you know what you’re about to get into, let discuss them in detail.

1. Slow Vaginal Muscle Exercises

slow vaginal exerciseThis is an easy, simple way to start you on the road to tightening your vagina. But first: what are Kegels or vagina exercises? And are they the answer to the question of “How to tighten my vag muscles”? 1) muscles, 2) absolutely.

How do you start? Kegel’s muscles are the vaginal muscles you use when trying to hold off going to the bathroom.

And so, look no further for an easier method to find them than to hold in your pee midstream. Don’t do it way too much, though, as it can be potentially harmful with a full bladder.

Once you’re able to do it without actually having to go, oh look: you are good to go! It’s as easy as that.

Once you’ve located them, find a comfortable spot to lie down or sit on. You’re ready to begin. The slow kegel routine involves working the slow muscle fibers which contribute to strong pelvic muscles on a longer term.

To start the workout, tighten your vaginal muscles (i.e. kegels), and hold for about ten seconds. After ten seconds have passed, relax your muscles for the same amount of time.

Try to aim for a set of five of these alternating contractions. You want to have an effective workout, but not straining yourself too much.

That’s it, pretty much. That’s all there is to it when you’re in the business of tightening your slow muscles.

That’s all there is to it when you’re in the business of strengthening your slow fiber vaginal muscles. But for a more complete, effective kegel exercise scheme, combine this routine with the one below.

2. Fast Kegel Exercise to Tighten the Vagina Muscles

fast kegel exercises

Similarly to how the slow method works your slow fibers, the fast way will see you strengthen your female fibers.

These are responsible for reacting to unexpected or sudden compressive forces placed upon your Kegels, like when you sneeze or a cough, or start laughing. The quick kegel routine is easily explained as the one-second version of the above exercise. It’s the same, only this time hold and releases your vaginal muscles for one second at a time instead of ten.

The aim here is to combine five reps of the slow and five reps of the fast exercises to create maximum efficiency in your workout.

This is considered as one full set of kegel exercises. Remember not to strain your muscles too much. If ten seconds feels too much, or if one-second alternations seem too intense, by all means, build up to these benchmarks at your pace and according to your comfort level.

3. Pull-in Kegel Workout Routine for a Tighter Body

pull in workout

Our last recommended exercise on the road to strengthening your vagina is the most advanced and hardest of the three and may be out of reach for those less physically fit.

But for those of you who want to go the extra mile, here’s how.

What you do is, lie flat on your back. Next, you tense up the biggest muscles of the human body: the buttocks, and pull your legs up and draw them inward.

Hold for as long as you can, but don’t exceed either the five or ten-second mark, according to your fitness level. We don’t want you straining yourself.

After some seconds have passed, release and relax the tightening of your Kegels and come back to your starting position. These workouts are specifically designed to target these smaller muscles groups and to make the muscles more firm. With these parts of your body getting more firm, your vaginal walls will get tighter in return especially if you work on it consistently. A consistent exercise plan is the best when it comes to targeting small muscle groups because they are so hard to focus on our everyday lives.

And that’s it! Try to build up to about a minute long set of these natural vagina tightening exercises. Good luck!


How to be Consistent with these Healthy Habits

There is nothing in the world that can slow down your improvement as much as inconsistency can. That is why experts have developed these simple vagina muscle exercises, they are so easy to do, even for modern-day woman.

Even when you’re doing the right things but if you don’t do it enough on a consistent basis, there will be little to no improvement on your body.

The key to having the best results is to have a good plan and instill that into your lifestyle. Once you make a habit out of it, you will be able to see the effectiveness of these methods in tightening your vaginal muscles. After some time and a lot of getting used to, you won’t be able to notice the difference anymore when it comes to living a healthier life. It is only difficult in the beginning but well worth the work in the future.

These different vagina exercises are made for everyone. There is absolutely no excuse for you not to be able to do them even with a busy schedule especially if you want change in your life. Seriously, it only takes a few minutes a day to make this work for you.

A lot of people are not interested in hard work and just want the results to come to them without even breaking a sweat, sadly that isn’t how the world works. You have to work for everything that you want in life, and that includes a tighter body!