4 Tips to Maintain a Fair Skin Tone Around Your Vagina

You might have noticed that the skin on your vaginal area is darker than the skin on the rest of the body. The main causes of this sensitive issue includes natural ageing and poor hygiene. This darkness can also be caused by the fact that the skin around this area is usually confined. Consequently, it is rarely exposed to light, and therefore it becomes darker. However, there are things you can do to ensure the skin in this area remains fair. Some of these things are simple, and you probably take them for granted. Here are helpful tips on how to maintain a fair skin tone on your vaginal area.

1. Keep Your Vagina Clean

women in showerThe most helpful thing you can do to maintain a fair skin around this particular area is by being hygienic. This is mainly because the skin on this area becomes darker because of poor hygiene where the area is exposed to elements that can make it dark. It is also common for many women to ignore this area while bathing because it is rarely seen by other people. Some of the things you can do to observe proper hygiene include taking extra care while bathing through rubbing this area more while bathing. The importance of this is that the area usually sweats more than most other parts of the body. By rubbing it more gently the sweat and other elements that might be making the skin tone dark are effectively removed.

2. Wear the Right Clothes

rack of clothesWearing the right kind of clothes especially underwear also plays a major role in maintaining a fair skin tone around the vaginal area. This is mainly because there are clothes that usually trap more heat in this area which in turn makes the skin tone darker. One of the things you should ensure while selecting the right clothes is that they are not too tight so that they do not trap heat. This does not mean that you should never wear tight clothes. But it simply means that you should not wear the tight clothes everyday. You should wear the tight clothes only several times to ensure the area gets ample air. While selecting underwear, it is also advisable to avoid those made of synthetic materials because the synthetic materials also trap heat.


3. Use Proper Products For Your Vagina

There are some products you can use which not only eliminate the elements and bacteria that can make the skin around this area darker, but they also contribute in making the skin tone fairer. Most of these products are readily available in homes while others are recommended by medical doctors. Some of the things which can help in maintaining fair skin tone around the vaginal area include baking soda, lemon and papaya. By rubbing moderate quantities of these products especially while bathing on the areas that are prone to becoming dark can help a lot.

4. Lead a Healthy Lifestyle

girl running in sunsetLeading a healthy lifestyle can also play a major role in keeping the skin tone around this area fair. This simply means that you should exercise and eat balance diets. Exercises usually play an important role in enhancing the health of the skin. Eating a balanced diet especially including the foods that are known to enhance skin health can also help in maintaining fair skin tone in this area. Furthermore, there are foods that ensure the vaginal area does not get infected by certain conditions especially the ones caused by bacteria. Therefore, by applying the outlined tips, you can effectively maintain a fair skin tone on your vaginal area.