The Worst Health Habits To Rid Of For 2016

One of the reasons why your weight loss efforts are not working is due to your bad health habits. If you are serious about eating healthy foods and losing weight, then you need to break those unhealthy behaviors, and begin to think differently about your diet. As 2016 gets underway, change your unhealthy habits and learn new ones. If you have any of the following unhealthy behaviors, break them this year and start enjoying a healthy life.

depressing habits

Eating just about anything

If you have ever eaten a large bowl of chips when you are not hungry, you are among millions of people who are battling mindless eating. The larger the bowl you eat from, the more you eat too much unknowingly. Eating too much food on a regular basis can lead to weight gain, although certain foods are better to consume in excess. This greatly affects your sex life as you will lose confidence in the bedroom. Considering how much confidence affects sex, it is wise to not overeat if you want to improve your libido.


Fix: Be sure to eat from smaller plates instead of relying on your stomach to tell you when you are full. Or you can visit our homepage to learn more tips about health.

Not drinking enough water

A majority of people don’t realize the significance of water to their health. True health can’t occur without appropriate hydration of the body. The body is estimated to be about 60%-70% water. Blood is mainly water, and the brain, muscles and lungs all contain water. Without adequate water, the blood flow to the tissues will be reduced. Hydration is key to your bodily functions, water helps you have better sex as well as it gives you more bodily fluids. Moisturization in your sensitive areas is important as well, especially for ladies as their vaginas will need the proper moisture levels to keep from infections and other problems.

This is also a bad habit for sex, as your saliva and other bodily fluids are important keys to having better sex.

Fix: Start drinking 8 glasses, which equals 2-liters, or half a gallon per day. This will supply the body with the water it needs to carry out its functions.

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Skipping breakfast and other meals

Skipping breakfast or any meal is not a good idea as it is likely to have implications for your later health. This habit has become a common aspect of modern lifestyles. Breakfast is the most vital meal and there’s good reason why it is known as breakfast. This also helps your body prepare for whatever task lies ahead.


Fix: This year, make it a habit to kick start your day with healthy breakfast. Breakfast helps jump start your metabolism–a key factor to a healthy weight loss and better sex.

Eating late in the evening

Another unhealthy routine is eating late in the evening, especially after skipping meals. Think of the body as a machine that needs to get fueled. When you eat late after skipping meals, your defense mechanism will stimulate the body into storing the calories that you have consumed thinking that it is going into starvation mode. This will then slow down metabolism which leads to weight gain and loss of confidence. Having states that confidence is key to sex, this is an important part that you need to pay attention to.

Fix: To overcome this unhealthy habit, you need to eat small meals at least four times a day. They should incorporate lots fresh fruits and veggies, along with lean protein and whole grains.

Eating fastfood regularly

Most people enjoy a nice meal in restaurants now and then. While fastfood is economical when you are on the run, eating fastfood regularly can seriously damage your health. Most fastfood contain high fat, calorie and sodium content which can lead to a number of health problems including, weight gain, diabetes, cardiovascular.

Fix: Instead of reaching out for instant foods at restaurants or food stands, prepare it yourself. Take out is allowed from time to time but don’t substitute them with all your meals.

These habits greatly affect out sex lives as well as our body which is so crucial when it comes to having sex. If our bodies do not function properly, it affects our sex lives greatly as well as our vaginas. Our lady-bits need taking care of with a great deal of knowledge.

Breaking these unhealthy behaviors is not going to be easy, but it is worth a try. If you have any of these habits, break them this year. It is never too late!

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