5 Types Of Vaginal Odors That You Need to Be Aware of

When it comes to a woman’s nether regions, it is expected for them to have an odor. Sure, there are always those rude sexual partners that seem to make a big deal out of how their exes seem to smell down there, but every woman’s vagina is expected to have a different odor. The different changes that the woman’s body goes through all throughout the month can also affect how strong and subtle the smell is going to be. Some women emit a much stronger odor, and there are those that do not. It is always going to have a scent. The important thing is to know when its smell is no longer the normal kind.

It should be known that the scent you have down there is a sign that all is well and that your lady parts are healthy. It is also a sign that there is a proper pH balance in this part of your anatomy. But a sudden change in the smell can be a sign that something may be amiss. When you notice unusual odor being emitted by your private parts, it can be a sign that there is a health problem, a bacterial infection, or even a lost tampon but there are other times too when this is just simply a sign that your period is over.

Knowing The Difference…


It is important for women to have an idea when they should be more concerned about the odors that they are emitting. This is where it is very important for every woman to familiarize the scents and the smells of their private parts. It is only through this that one can determine if it is all peachy or if it is in such a state where they need to be a little more concerned. When one is familiar with her scents, she will have some baseline with which she can compare if there is ever change in her womanly odors or not. Investing on some time to get a whiff of your smell down under at different periods of the month can be the key towards ensuring that you know when things are normal and when things are a bit alarming.

That being said, here are some of the scents that you need it be aware of and what they signify. This should help make it easier for you to determine whether all is well or if there is a need for you to have to get a doctor’s appointment.

1. Rotten Scent

It is likely to mean something is off.

If you notice that your nether region suddenly has this intense rotten smell, then it is best that you do not hesitate about calling your doctor as soon as you can. It is not a sign of peak vaginal health. It is possible that a tampon may be stuck there and have gone astray and this is something that does happen way often in many cases too. If it is the case, then your doctor should have had experience in dealing with extracting tampons before so do make that appointment.

2. Musky Scent

This is usually just a heavier version of the natural scent that you have down there. It most likely will not mean anything bad as many times this happens when you are sweating way too much. It can be caused by using underpants that made from synthetic fibers or when you wear pants that are way too tight. Washing the funky smell with warm water or with a gentle soap will usually be enough to address the smell if you feel that it is just way too strong for you to deal with. In many cases though, it does not really signify anything serious or wrong.

3. Bread Or Yeasty Scent

bread and beer

This is a scent that may signify that something is off down there. There are instances when this is a smell that is associated with yeast infections. Do know that in most cases, yeast infections do not have any odor at all. Most people just realize that they have them due to the white and thick discharges as well as the itchiness in their nether regions. But there are also instances when the condition causes the vaginal area to emit a faint odor that very much resembles that of bread. Of course, the smell is to going to be the only indication that you are experiencing yeast infection but to do help when you know how to distinguish the normal from the not so normal one, so you will know when to seek professional help.

4. Metallic Scent

You should not be alarmed if you smell a metallic odor down under especially if you just had your period. The same is true too when you just had an intimate encounter and you have had contact with semen. These are often going to cause a change in the pH balance in your nether regions and the usual acidic state of your private parts can become more basic which is definitely going to cause the odor to change. The smell should be temporary though. If you notice that it seems to persist for a long time and there is discharge and itching, it is best to set an appointment to go see your doctor.

5. Fishy Smell


You must have been told before that vaginas are supposed to have a fishy smell. But you will find that it is actually not the case. In fact, the moment that you notice your private parts emitting this pungent odor, it is usually because there is a medical problem causing it.

The smell can be a sign that you have trichonomiasis or you can be suffering from bacterial vaginosis. Both of these infections are known to cause the lady parts to emit a fishy scent and most of the time, it can be accompanied with a gray or a white discharge too. Both of these symptoms can be easily cleared up though with the help of antibiotics. So the sooner you notice it and alert your doctor, the better.