Your Vagina Might Be Itchier On Your Period – Here’s Why

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Because there’s no delicate way to discuss this (and maybe there’s no reason to be too delicate anyway when it comes to health issues) we’re going to jump in with both feet and pop the question (no, not that question): Is your vagina itchier during your period? If it is you’re not alone, that’s for sure, although you also wouldn’t be alone if you were uncertain exactly why you have an itchy vagina at that time of the month. It would be nice to get a handle on a problem like this instead of scratching up a storm during the board meeting or while at dinner with that special someone, and so that’s what we’re going to try and do below.

Reasons Why Your Vajayjay is Driving You Ca-ray-zay During Your Period…

So you’re in the elevator alone heading up to the office and decide to take the opportunity to indulge that itch in your nether regions that’s been driving you crazy since you left the house. You dig in and give it a very satisfying scrape when suddenly you remember there’s a security camera in the elevator. Before you create some viral content for liveleak, maybe it’s better to try and figure out what’s causing the ruckus down there during your period. Here are a few likely candidates.

girl legsIf the itchy vagina is period-specific the list of possible causes is actually pretty short.

  • Dried blood – Sometimes your flow is so heavy it’s virtually impossible to keep up with it. On days like that it’s not unusual for some blood to dry out before you can get in there and clean things up. Dried blood can cause irritation that leads to some first class menstrual itching so if you are in the heavier portion of your cycle it may be a simple case of dried blood.
  • Inflammation – During your period your body will often experience increased levels of inflammation. This is a classic histamine response. Histamine can cause blood vessels to swell. It is believed they do so to make it easier for white blood cells to track and eliminate invaders. Regardless of whether they’re successful at that the inflammation alone can leave you feeling flushed and with an itchy vagina.
  • Hormones – Whenever hormone levels fluctuate (as they do during your period) you are susceptible to vaginal itching. If your sweet spot is also dry, it’s another sign that hormones may be to blame for the unhappy state of affairs down there.

Other Potential Causes:

Of course, there may be reasons other than the three listed above that are causing your itchy vagina and it may or may not have something to do with your period. It could just be that you happened to notice it during your period, but it’s really been there in the background for some time. So here is a list of other possible reasons for an itchy muff.

  • Bacterial Vaginosis – Bacterial Vaginosis is actually the most common cause of an itchy vagina. It’s caused by a change in the pH levels of your vagina that results in an imbalance in healthy bacteria. As with a yeast infection, there is typically a discharge involved although this one is usually watery in nature with a noticeable odor. In most cases bacterial vaginosis (BV) can be cleared up in a few days using over the counter medications, but if it doesn’t you may need to ask your doctor for something heavy duty for your itchy vagina.

yeast infection

  • Yeast Infection – Yeast infections typically flare up for the same reasons BV does: an imbalance in vaginal pH levels. While it’s pretty hard to miss a full-blown yeast infection, it’s possible you may not be aware of it in its early stages and mistake the itching that ensues for something related to your period. Like BV most yeast infections will yield in fairly short order to over the counter medications; in this case Monistat is a popular and effective choice.
  • Contact Dermatitis – Contact dermatitis is the result of the skin reacting negatively to contact with certain materials or products. You can pick up a case of contact dermatitis from condoms, lubricants, perfumes, some soaps or even the clothes you’re wearing with the likely result being itching in inconvenient places. Another possible instigator of contact dermatitis is shaving. So if you shaved your pubes a few days before the onset of your period it could be newly sprouting hairs causing the vaginal itching.
  • Eczema – It’s not unheard of for common skin disorders like eczema – or psoriasis for that matter – to appear in the genital region and produce what seems like vaginal itching. In addition to itching, it will likely be accompanied by a rash that can actually be a bit painful if it’s left unattended. If you experience an outbreak of either in the crotch it’s important to keep the area clean and apply a mild steroid such as hydrocortisone. If the hydrocortisone doesn’t work, ask your doctor for more potent options.
  • STDs – While most everyone in this day and age should be aware of the dangers of unprotected sex or casual sex with total strangers the fact is sometimes these things happen. If you’re experiencing a mysterious vaginal itching some few days after a random or unprotected sexual encounter there’s a chance you may have contracted an STD from your mystery lover. There are several that can produce itching where you don’t want it including chlamydia, herpes, and gonorrhea. Crabs and lice are also devilishly difficult to detect in a partner, can drive you crazy with vaginal itching and won’t really be prevented by using a condom.

lady in pink skirtAn itchy vagina during your period may be related to menstruation or it may be the result of another condition that simply coincided with the onset of our period. If you are beset by an itchy vagina and don’t want to spend more time with your hand in your crotch than a baseball player, see your doctor and discuss possibilities. In all likelihood it’s something treatable.