5 Vaginal Conditions That Will Surprise You

womanWomen are protective of their vagina, and they also agree that it isn’t easy to have one. It needs a lot more attention and upkeep compared to the other sexual organ. Even when women want to keep their vagina clean and healthy, some of its well-intentioned efforts can aggravate it, thus causing rashes, significant irritation, and not to mention that awful hell of an itch.

You don’t need to worry too much about what’s going on with your vagina. When you find these symptoms appearing, you don’t have to panic at all. While it is best that you have something abnormal to be checked by your physician, gynecologists say that most of the time it is not something that you have to lose sleep from.

Bartholin’s Cyst

There’s a tender bump right near the opening of the vagina. This is highly likely a Bartholin’s cyst. This is a common condition that happens when the glands at the vaginal opening get blocked, which causes the fluid it usually secretes to go back inside the gland. This isn’t something to be alarmed of – all you need is either a warm compress, taking OTC pain medication or soaking in a tub filled warm water and gave it time to heal. If you feel any pain from urinating or walking, chills and fever, you need to seek medical attention.


ultrasoundYou see flesh-colored pimples. This is highly likely a Syringoma. These are sweat ducts that get blocked. However, they are smaller compared to the ones described above. Not only do these appear in your vagina, but they also appear on the face, chest, underarms and around the belly-button area. You can let it heal all on its own, or you can talk to your physician of having them taken out. Avoid popping them no matter how you much you want to. When it comes to surgery, it involves either a laser or electrosurgery. The results may not be satisfactory, and it may even end up with scars.

Ingrown Hair

Hair doesn’t disappear after grooming. This is highly likely ingrown hair. If you get waxed, shaved or any other way of grooming you do in the downstairs area, you will see ingrown hairs most of the time. This happens when the pubic hair curls back on the surface of the skin and will continue to grow, thus causing a bump, pus or inflammation in the area. It doesn’t mean to say that you should put a halt to your grooming routine. What you should do is to clean the skin before and after you remove the hair. This will prevent ingrown hairs and acne during the process of regrowth.

Vaginal Boils

There are blisters and pus in it. Vaginal boils, as it is also referred to. Again, there is no need for worries with this one. They are most likely caused by the way you groom your vaginal area. This is very likely caused by dull razors. You should change the razor you use regularly and provide the skin with some soapy and protective coating before you shave. Avoid popping these blisters yourself, too.

Benign Mole

Lighter or darker patches of skin. This is highly likely a benign mole – meaning that it is dormant. It is highly unlikely that it is related to vaginal cancer since such a condition is very rare.