Vaginal Tightening Surgeries vs V-tight Gel

For many women across the world, there might come a time when their vagina will require tightening. A loose vagina might be a natural, harmless feature or, as is most common, it might be the after-effect of childbirth. The most common complaints are a loss of feeling, less tightness, and an overall drop in the quality of intercourse for both parties involved. It can be a source of considerable emotional turmoil for a woman.

That’s why the question of the best way of going about remedying this condition is one that must be given a great deal of thought. The two most popular alternative solutions out there are the use of vaginal creams such as V-tight gel, and undergoing the procedure referred to as a vaginoplasty. Here’s a closer look at both options.


A vaginoplasty, also referred to as vaginal rejuvenation surgery, refers to any surgical procedure undertaken for the construction or reconstruction of the vagina. Simply put, what happens is that doctors operate on the patient in order to make the muscles of the vagina tighter, thus improving the overall feeling.


  • Success Rate: Owing to the fact that the procedure surgical teamitself is fairly simple, as far as surgeries go, there is an almost guaranteed probability of seeing positive results.
  • Time Factor: With this procedure, as soon as the healing process is undergone, the beneficial results will be immediately apparent.
  • Safety: Depending on the skill and experience of the doctor carrying out the operation, the risk of complications associated with this procedure is almost negligible.


  • Effective Time: Owing to the elastic nature of the vagina, the effects of a vaginoplasty will not last forever, as natural aging and continued sexual activity will work to loosen the vagina again.
  • Expense: Depending on the doctor you choose to handle your case, this cosmetic procedure can be very expensive.
  • Some Risk of Complications: As with any invasive surgical procedure, the risk of complications, infections, and accidents is always present. The best defense against this possibility is the selection of experienced and competent doctors.

V-Tight Gel

Gels and creams such as V-tight act to tighten your vagina through numerous actions. They heal internal wounds, encourage natural lubrication, prevent infections and itches, and delay the effects of aging, all of which combine to make the vagina tighter and more sensitive.



  • Cheap: In comparison to the option of surgery, woman raising armsthe use of gels and creams is very cheap and cost effective.
  • Risk-free: As opposed to all the risk inherent in any invasive surgical procedure, the use of gels such as V-tight can almost be classified as being entirely risk-free.
  • Comfortable: The use of gels and creams is a very comfortable, simple, non-invasive process by which you can achieve your goals without having to undergo the physical and emotional strain of a surgical procedure.
  • Effective: V-tight has been proven to produce the desired results with reliable consistency.
  • Long-lasting Effects: In many cases, women have reported that they continued to enjoy the tightening effects of having used the cream long after they had stopped applying it.


  • Reliability: Reportedly, for whatever reasons, V-tight gel did not seem to have any noticeable effect on their vaginal conditions.
  • Some Risk of Allergic Reaction: For some women, the risk of experiencing allergic reactions to gels such as V-tight is very real, which is why it is advisable to consult with your gynecologist before beginning their use.