When Did “Vagina” Become a Dirty Word?

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Despite these modern times, it is quite absurd how a lot of people seem to associate vagina with something dirty. A lot of people seem to have developed a fear of the word that hearing it come up in topics of conversations seems to be something that should be a no. Even everyday things that are supposed to revolve around it seem to just skip the word and just find other alternative terms to refer to it.

It is hard to tell when it has exactly been considered a dirty word but it should not be. It is a legitimate term to refer to every woman’s private parts and hence, it should be referred to as such and it should be a word that should not be skirted over just because some people seem to think that it is offensive. It is far from that.

Avoiding The Term

It is easy to see how everybody seems to do the run around when it comes to using the term. For instance, many commercials about intimate care such as tampons and pads and body wash all just seem to avoid the mere mention of it. It is quite strange especially when one knows exactly that this is that specific part of the body that all these products are marketed for. Out of all the profits that these companies are getting from producing products for this part of the woman’s anatomy, it is quite odd not even to hear or see a mention of this term in any of the marketing campaigns and ads that they launch.

Censorship In Schools

One would think that schools would be more open in the use of them especially when it is a place that is expected to discuss more of it and teach it to its students but this is not the case. If one were to take a look at the browser settings in many public schools these days, it is very likely that this is one of the terms that are censored by the schools for students to do internet searches on. This will have a downside in the fact that censorship is going to keep young children from actually researching about and knowing more of their anatomy.

The Unspoken Word

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Fear of the usage of the term is also evident when a lot of girls often have to look both ways and then whisper it. It is as if they are talking about something that is taboo when in fact it should not be. This is also evident in how older women in the family tend to avoid using the word and just opt for cutesy terms instead. For instance, most moms and grandmas would opt for cute nicknames such as flowers or lady parts. When it comes to men, it is very rare for them even to acknowledge the term or even use it.

It should be noted that it is not only those old white dudes that seem to feel a little queasy at the mention of the name. It is quite surprising to find that a lot of women find it uncomfortable to mention and say it as well. It could be because people are conditioned to think that it is inappropriate or shameful to even think of women’s bodies. They may have been the cause why so many people in this modern day and age still have a hard time using the correct term when it comes to referring to those feminine private parts.

Not a Very Pretty Word

It is true though that it is not the prettiest word to utter out there and there are cases

that believe that this may be the reason why a lot of people, both men, and women alike, seem to have a hard time uttering it. Still, it is quite curious why it is so when in fact, it is just another body part. It is just another part of the human anatomy, not any more different than the hands or the feet or the eyes.

Some people seem to only think of the female body as dainty and delicate and the name vagina does not seem to present that very well but one has to remember that the female anatomy does not have to be dainty. In fact, there is nothing dainty or delicate or pretty about the functions of this part of the female body. They do not smell like pretty roses. They bleed too. But they are a part of the body that is very much capable of producing something beautiful. They give life, and the process is definitely not a dainty one. It is a compelling part of the female anatomy and definitely deserves its powerful name.

Usage Should Not Be Discouraged

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Girls should not be taught at an early age to fear the use of the name. It is important that they are taught the names of each body part and to regard each as such and nothing more. It is through this that girls will have the courage to be able to talk about their body, their anatomy, as well as get a good understanding of their reproductive health. This is a good way for them to be made aware of their sexual right.

It is disappointing that talking about vaginas these days is pretty much limited to sex education only. Come to think of it. Even the sex education these days is in need of some massive overhaul. The fact that the name is even regarded as a dirty one at all is a summation of what is wrong with society at present.

The assumption that it is a dirty name also gives the assumption that the actual body part itself is dirty. It’s as if people refuse to look at it as something fit to be included in the human conversation. Vaginas do not require nicknames. What they need is to be respected and to be visible to make sure that they are never going to be shoved in the backburner in talks about health and wellness and rights.