Why Shouldn’t you Shave Your Vagina?

A common dilemma that most women experience is whether they should shave their vagina or not. Most women who want to remove their pubic hair opt for shaving because it is painless, quick, and fairly inexpensive. However, it is important to note that shaving body may be one of the easiest options for removing unwanted pubic hair; certain complications can arise due to this hair removal method. So, should you shave your vagina?

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Shaving your Vagina: The Risks

1. Nicks and Cuts

wound Shaving your vagina requires you to have a lot of patience. Using the razor blades on your private parts especially when you are in a hurry can cause nicks and cuts on your skin. The cuts caused will not only be painful but can cause infection and lead to permanent scarring.

2. Itching

Shaving removes a layer of dead skin cells, making the skin dry and itchy. Scratching the area can often make the area more blotchy and irritated. Since itching can last up to several days, it can make women feel highly uncomfortable.

3. Ingrown or Infected hair

Shaving your pubic parts can cause the hair follicle to change the direction of growth of hair follicle, leaving it trapped beneath the skin. This can lead to the growth of ingrown hairs causing pain, inflammation and tiny bumps in and around the vaginal area.

4. Razor burn

Shaving your vagina frequently with a razor can cause a red rash called razor burn. The rash that appears on the skin is swollen red rash and quite often itchy and accompanied with a burning sensation. Razor burns can cause irritation and can make leave a woman in pain after shaving her vagina.

man shaving5. Folliculitis

An infection of the hair follicle, Folliculitis is caused by the bacteria called Staphylococcus aureus. This bacterium, which is a part of the normal bacterial flora, is present on the surface of the skin. When skin is damaged due to shaving, the bacteria penetrate the skin structures such as hair follicles causing infection. The symptoms include irritation, itching, pustules and pimples in the affected area.

6. Makes hair rougher

Shaving your vagina regularly cannot only cause the hair to become rougher and coarser but also grow back thicker and fuller over time. As a result, removing hair becomes even more difficult with a razor.

7. Pseudofolliculitis

An inflammation of hair follicle, Pseudofolliculitis is usually caused due to ingrown hair. Using a razor to remove unwanted hair from your vagina causes the hair to be cut slightly above the surface of the skin. As a result, the hair tends to curl back and penetrate the skin leading to a rash in the form of red bumps. Women with curly hair are more at a risk of getting pseudofolliculitis and are advised not to shave their body for next three to four weeks to allow healing.


So, should you shave your vagina? – The answer is No. Though shaving your body may seem like a simple process, the results can be quite serious. Although waxing or using depilatories creams can also be used to remove pubic hair, visiting a hygienic beauty parlor that offers bikini line would be a great option.

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